A Road Trip

I took a road trip with my son Efram, he had a task to do in the northeast corner of Tennessee, outside of Johnson City. We drove up from Florida which takes forever to get out of, through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, to Tennessee. In Georgia we stopped in Savannah. Savannah was pretty, havingContinue reading “A Road Trip”

Haulover Park off Collins in Miami Beach

This is a Marina, and local fishing leaves from here, for half and full day fishing excursions.  The first bird you will see is a Brown Pelican, between December and April more or less, as they are migratory. I did see a Frigate bird, and a variety of Seagulls. Basically, you are going there becauseContinue reading “Haulover Park off Collins in Miami Beach”

A New Path

I have been back in Miami, Florida almost five years. During this time, my son kept telling me, take up bird photography.  Over the years we have gone birding at Vieira Wetlands several times, close to where he was going to School. Vieira Wetlands is about 3 hours north of Miami. After procrastinating, I decidedContinue reading “A New Path”

A Story of an Image, A Ramble, A Metaphor — a Three for One

In this time of pandemic and heat. Lives and habits change. Some mandated for the health of yourself and others, some as a personal reaction to the situation as a whole.  Many times we find our social interaction through phone conversations and keep busy by organizing and dealing with our stuff. As a part ofContinue reading “A Story of an Image, A Ramble, A Metaphor — a Three for One”

Time on my hands

Since our last project of focus stacking, the next logical question was why you don’t shoot at the smallest aperture to have the greatest depth of field, consequently, not needing multiple captures or even getting by with only one.  Good question, with a one word answer – diffraction. The tradeoff with a small aperture toContinue reading “Time on my hands”