Green Cay Nature Center & Wetlands

The Entrance

12800 Hagen Ranch Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33437

The 100-acre property was purchased in 1999 from Ted and Trudy Winsberg, who had used the property for farming. The Winsbergs sold the property for 1/3 of its appraised value with the condition that it would be made into a wetland.

This wetland also has a one-and-a-half-mile boardwalk, which loops around the circumference of the property. The first thing that strikes you about Green Cay is how pretty it is. As you enter you go down the path to the information center and there is the boardwalk. The boardwalk splits to the right and the left, they suggest very strongly that you go to the left.

View to the right #1

View to the right #2

As you begin your journey on the boardwalk, is a great expanse of water on your right. It is large but you can certainly see the other side and, depending on the time of year additionally you see herons, wood storks, egrets, cormorants, and anhingas. On your left, there is quite a bit of foliage with some water, and you can see a few species of birds and wildlife.

Green Heron
Alligator feeding on an anhinga

As you swing around the boardwalk along the perimeter of the body of water on the right, on the left you there is a low wetland which has some trees and a lot of undergrowth, and you have birds flying in and out of it.

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck in a Tree
Male Red Winged Blackbird
Female Red Winged Blackbird

I have never seen flocks but if you look the birds are there. As you move along, you come to another area of water on your right and on your left. On the left almost every time, I have seen an alligator there, this seems to be its’ favorite basking spot. On the right at the same location, you start to see a little bit more foliage growing in the body of water. Here you will see egrets, herons, anhingas and  wood storks although if you like wood storks go to Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Now you will go through about 70 – 80 meters of a wooded area which is interesting, I’ve yet to see any birds in there, but it’s nice and you can see where the wetlands, meet firmed elevated land.

Common Gallinule, Wood Stock and Egret

You come out of this short wooded area, and you have water on the right and water on the left. On the left is a real nice vista, a tree there with no leaves but certainly always has resident birds perched on the different branches and it’s just pretty.


Sitting in the foliage and sometimes on the the actual boardwalk are other friends.

Green Heron #2

As you swing around to your right and you’ll see different birds across the expanse of water and much narrower water on your left as you start to enter a larger wooded area, it’s pretty calm, I have yet to see any real fauna. It’s a nice walk, occasionally I have taken some macro shots.

View to the right
View to the right
Entering to wooded area.
Macro Spider

As you leave this wooded area, you are again over the wetlands. With a body of water on your left and on your right is the bottom part of that small lake that you’ve now walked around. Here it’s interesting, if you look down off the boardwalk you see a whole variety of different water birds. They have signs throughout telling you what birds you should expect to see. Surprisingly, I think this is the area where I have seen the most different birds.

Leaving the wooded area
Blue Heron
Glossy Ibis
Common Gallinule
Common Gallinule
Purple Swamphen
Tricolored Heron

As the boardwalk swings around the lake, they have a supplementary trail which is a loop back onto the main trail.  Here you can see lots of wetland birds and some flora, it’s a nice walk, I certainly suggest that since you’re here you take it. 

Almost every time I been there and looked on the right after completing the trek, on that large body of water there is a tree out there, and generally it’s inhabited by two hawks. Sometimes I have only seen one, sometimes I have seen the hawk and an interloper but usually it is two hawks.

Two Hawks at Home

The thing is, to keep your eyes open all the time, I have seen some of the largest iguanas I’ve ever seen, also really nice-looking butterflies etc. and it’s a nice and enjoyable area.

Iguana #1
Iguana #2

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