Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

10216 Lee Rd, Boynton Beach, FL – Palm Beach County, Florida
145,188-acre (587.55 km2) wildlife sanctuary

Loxahatchee includes the most northern remnant of the historic Everglades wetland ecosystem. Loxahatchee is exceptionally large and spread out with distinct areas. Open spaces, swamp like area, a wooded area, canals, and a boating dock. There is a boardwalk which goes over a wetlands forest / swamp with some birds hiding in the trees and the occasional snake or alligator in the water. The entire area is overly sensitive to the time of the year, for example in September – February (due to the rainy season) it is quite different than April – June. September – February there is lots of water, the swamp is full, the outer wetlands support more birds and other wildlife. Come June it is very dry there is no water at all in the swamp, and wetland flats are low. All wildlife is scarcer during these months.

Behind the Administrative Building is the swamp like area with a boardwalk.

Sun Breaking though
Boardwalk #1
Boardwalk #2

This area also offers some refuge from the sun.

After walking thru the boardwalk, and then crossing the Admin parking lot to the other side of the entrance road, you encounter another small parking lot. There are some trees with the occasional owls and other fine feather friends.

Swamp like area.
Great Blue Heron
Blue Jay

Now you go out and walk down a dirt path, with open spaces on both sides of the path. There is very little shade, so you want avoid the late June – end of September months especially in the mid day, as the light is harsh. The early morning and late afternoon does have a really nice golden hour. There are some photographers, and bird watchers there, not as crowded as Green Cay, or Wakodahatchee.

Observation Hut
Blue Heron

I didn’t see very many mammals, once I saw a raccoon, There are butterflies and some flowers.

Butterfly #2
Butterfly #5

If your were to stay on the entrance road and take it to the end, about 1 – 2 miles, there is the boat launch and the horizon is flat Everglades.

Boat Launch
Path and Canal
Flat Everglades.

All in all, this is a large spread-out area, it is nice to be in nature, for more information click Loxahatchee

Published by Philip Goldberg Photography

Every photographer has a mantra, and my mantra is: It's all in the printed photograph. With today's snap and up-load mentality, we have gotten further away from what photography is about and it's about the print. A good photograph should be a physical image that causes you to look a second or third time. It should also be an image that arrests your subconscious, touches your emotional center, fascinates your imagination and it should pull you up sharply. That is what is known as the decisive moment. My journey in photography began when images appeared in a tray and had to be fixed. The hours spent in the dark put you in a creative zone in which life did not impinge and the only life was the one that you breathed into the photograph under the concentrated light of an enlarger. In those days, my trusty Nikon F was not only my camera of choice; it was the only one I could afford. As a native of Detroit, my camera, car and curiosity were my holy trinity in my wanderlust for good photographs. Older and hopefully wiser, my photography is now digital. The Nikon now sits on the shelf, but next to it are my modern digital cameras: Canon, Leica, Mamiya, as well as tech and field cameras. However, I still compose the shot. There are many other photographers who believe in the craft of the printed image, which is the reason why, I have been commissioned several occasions to print for their exhibitions in China and Berlin. I trust that the photographs that you have viewed in my galleries embody my belief in photography. If you have seen a photograph that you would like to own or if you are a fellow photographer looking for a good printer then please contact me. I still believe that the printed image is the end game in photography. A good photograph, is about making decisions, planning and being prepared, because as the saying goes; 'fortune falls to them, who are prepared for chance'. Thanks for viewing. I can be contacted by email at if you have any questions or would like usage rights to any of the photographs on this site.

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  1. Hi Phil, your wildlife shots look worthy of an Audubon book, or perhaps National Geographic. Kudos on honing your skills.

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