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As anyone can see, looking at my web site (, there could be a lot of stuff, which is debatable. Anyway, I am going to add a new section, Black and White, While there are quite a few Black and White images there already, the vast majority are converted from color. The new section will contain images shot only with a Phase One Achromatic back and a Leica monochrom. Some off them we can discuss here or in the comments section of

The difference between converted color and monochome, without getting too technical, is you have much more subtle and smother graduations of tone with a monochrome only sensor. I will still convert when I feel it is appropriate. Color is good; there are so many really good color images out there.

I want to say right now, this is not a zero sum game. While you have a binary choice, B&W or color, and while one genre might tip one way or the other. Images are good, how you arrive there, is not the most important aspect. First you see, and then you feel.

 What appeals to me shooting monochrome, is that you look at things differently, you look for the light. It’s like shooting at night; you are attracted to the light, like a moth. Also I think it’s interesting to set the mood, and timelessness of a B&W image. Much easier to let the mind wander. Like watching an old Hitchcock, The Thin Man, Marx Brothers, Fred Astaire or Orson Wells movie. There is a certain nostalgia and timelessness.  I would assume those of us; of a certain age grew up with B&W TV, B&W magazines, News Reels, and of course our introduction to photography. Also must be said, looking at family photos from our parents.

So without further ado, we are off on a new capture.

Published by Philip Goldberg Photography

Every photographer has a mantra, and my mantra is: It's all in the printed photograph. With today's snap and up-load mentality, we have gotten further away from what photography is about and it's about the print. A good photograph should be a physical image that causes you to look a second or third time. It should also be an image that arrests your subconscious, touches your emotional center, fascinates your imagination and it should pull you up sharply. That is what is known as the decisive moment. My journey in photography began when images appeared in a tray and had to be fixed. The hours spent in the dark put you in a creative zone in which life did not impinge and the only life was the one that you breathed into the photograph under the concentrated light of an enlarger. In those days, my trusty Nikon F was not only my camera of choice; it was the only one I could afford. As a native of Detroit, my camera, car and curiosity were my holy trinity in my wanderlust for good photographs. Older and hopefully wiser, my photography is now digital. The Nikon now sits on the shelf, but next to it are my modern digital cameras: Canon, Leica, Mamiya, as well as tech and field cameras. However, I still compose the shot. There are many other photographers who believe in the craft of the printed image, which is the reason why, I have been commissioned several occasions to print for their exhibitions in China and Berlin. I trust that the photographs that you have viewed in my galleries embody my belief in photography. If you have seen a photograph that you would like to own or if you are a fellow photographer looking for a good printer then please contact me. I still believe that the printed image is the end game in photography. A good photograph, is about making decisions, planning and being prepared, because as the saying goes; 'fortune falls to them, who are prepared for chance'. Thanks for viewing. I can be contacted by email at if you have any questions or would like usage rights to any of the photographs on this site.

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